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This is beautiful!


Has it ever happened to you that you are reading a fan fiction and you are so into it, imagining the situation that you forget how the characters look?

Victoria and Ward went off to accompany Garrett to prison, and when offered the chance to shoot the real murderer, Ward instead shot both the guards, and then Victoria, revealing himself to be a HYDRA agent, and also a big jerk. Way to go ruin everything right after the cute girl kissed you, Ward. How dare you!
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Can we just talk about how during the very first episode, Stiles told Lydia they had a “strong unspoken connection, what about while on their double date with scallion, Stiles gave Lydia the “perfect combination” speech and now Lydia and Stiles are literally described as “two sides of the same…

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Stiles and Lydia- The Divine Move

"Don’t start doubting yourself now."

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Stiles will always love Lydia